Month: May 2017

Personal Finance Assignment Links and Spreadsheet

Click this link to access the budget template.  You will need to be logged into your google drive to access it.  Please share it back with me so I can access it.  You will also need to print it to hand-in. Here is the rubric for the assignment: Budget Project Rubric Housing To determine how large a mortgage you afford, go to Tangerine and choose the rent translator.  Enter the amount calculated in class for your housing costs. To look for a place to buy use  For condos, you can use To look for a place to rent try: and choose to rent and choose rent Kijiji For a mortgage, go to tangerine  and select Mortgage Payment Calculator Use the financial calculator to calculate a mortgage. Choose a monthly payment. Use an amortization rate of 25 years, a mortgage rate of 3.29% and a mortgage term of 5 years.  Do two calculations, one for a 20% down payment and one for a 5% down payment. Take a screen shot of the result. Enter the monthly rate for the 20% down payment option into your budget. Credit Calculators Credit Card – assume 19.5% interest rate, try three different scenarios, minimum payment only, increase minimum payment by some amount and fixed monthly payment. Line of Credit – It is credit card calculator but it will work for line...

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Canadian Currency

What is money? Paper Currency   Getting Rid of the Penny   Venture: Pity the penny   Man comes out 89 cents richer after a year of penny-rounding Obituary: Canadian penny, 1858-2013 So long, penny. Why don’t you take the nickel and the dime with you,...

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Nothing from January 21, 2018 to February 21, 2018.

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